Organizing Kids Toys

organizing kids toys


Are you living in an apartment or a small house with limited space? Do you find yourself always trying to get creative with storage and organization, especially with all those children’s toys? (Check out my post about their closet too!)

After recently moving to a newly built apartment, I’ve been trying to get my kids’ toys organized, easily accessible and not hard for them to put away. Given that the size of the room isn’t enormously spacious, I found that their room would get cluttered without the proper storage solutions. Previously, they had their toys in fabric storage bins, which would easily collapse if one of my kids tried to get a toy from the bottom of the bin. They wouldn’t hold their shape and clearly didn’t work as good storage for toys. When we had just our daughter, we had a toy chest that I bought from Homegoods and it worked well. However, when baby number two arrived, the toy chest was, without a doubt, too small and their toys would not all fit.

So my husband and I made a long trip to IKEA, where we got most of our furniture for our new apartment. We love their style and functionality. Keeping our kids’ room in mind, we bought the white KALLAX series shelving unit and 3 BLÄDDRA boxes in gray. The shelving unit is customizable, so you can add bins, boxes or drawers if you wish, as well as place it vertically or horizontally. There’s so much to choose from and can pick everything according to your style and liking.

My mom got this wooden Noah’s Ark for my daughter 1st birthday and she loves it still!

This personalized wooden Melisa and Doug train was a gift for my son. It’s so adorable with his name written on it and he loves the chunky feel of the pieces which makes it easier to play with.

At first we placed the shelving unit vertically and then changed it to horizontal. This gave me more flat space for their plants, diffuser and some picture frames. My kid’s can easily pull out the bins and reach anything on the other shelves. My 18 month old is currently in destructive mode and throws EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. So I like to keep simple, thick, inexpensive baby books for him on the shelf to use. For my older toddler I have some children’s books accessible  to read at all times and I’ve designated a space for that. Any books, such as Bible’s and the more expensive ones, I like to keep a little higher and out of their reach. I use the birch BEKVÄM spice racks, also from IKEA. I’m looking to create a post on how easily I’ve painted and tailored them to match my kid’s room décor and color scheme.

I love the sturdy BLÄDDRA boxes and use 3 of them for toy storage. I like to keep one for small toys like their set of blocks and my daughters’ obsession of Paw Patrol figures and their vehicles (I think she’s outgrowing it now!). I use one box for all of their soft toys, like bears, caterpillar, Leap Frog puppy, etc. And the last bin always seems to be a mismatched box of everything. Usually my daughters Barbies, dolls and my son’s random cars are in there. This works out great for us and the bins seem to give great solution to keeping their room nice and tidy.


Check out the Kallax yourself or something similar and see if this set up works for your home!

Some tips I’ve found useful:

1. Keep a crayon box or some sort of lockable box to keep small parts in and out of kid’s reach and site. I use a large Ziploc bag to keep Barbie’s heels in, small doll house accessories, etc.

2. Put away some toys for the kid’s to forget about and hide them somewhere away from view for about 3 months. When you’ll take the toys out again, no matter what they are, kids will be fascinated by them as day one!

3. If you see a child hasn’t played with a toy in over 6 months, put it away in storage. You don’t have to necessarily throw it away, but if it’s just laying around taking up space then there’s no point in having it in their room.

4. If a child outgrows a toy, like rattles and teethers, throw them away if damaged or put them away into a clean bin and clearly label. Keep them in a nice dry place. Most self storage facilities are climate controlled.


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