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5 Simple Ways for Kids to Get a Better Nights Sleep


As a mom, I know that a lack of sleep can impact your whole life drastically, especially because you have little babies who depend on you (and toddlers who are running away from you!). One rough night, in fact, can ruin all of your plans and goals for the day. That’s simply because with little or interrupted sleep our bodies can’t function to the best of our abilities. Enough sleep for parents is crucial and effects how we interact between each other and the kids. One of the biggest negative effects of being sleep deprived is we easily become agitated, not only with our kids, but with our spouses, which can be quite a problem for a healthy family relationship. Good sleep gives us more energy, patience and boosts our willingness to be active and involved in our kids’ lives. Instead of slumbering here and there, we choose to get outdoors to play with our kids, enjoy a new activity or game and of course get those piling chores done!

My kids, in general, were never great sleepers. But I knew that sleep is very important for their little developing bodies, so I’ve tried a multitude of different things and tips given by other experienced moms. From routines to essential oils, I’ve tried them all!

Eventually I’ve figured out a “routine” that worked for my kids and of course for my husband and I, because we got more of the uninterrupted sleep. So I wanted to share some of my practical tips to help your kids ease into bed and have a better night’s sleep as well.

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1. Epsom Salt bath

When my kids take a bath every other day, I always pour 1/2 cup of Epsom salt into their tub.  I buy this Epsoak.  Its 100% magnesium sulfate, dissolves easily and flushes out any toxins from their little bodies.

2. Air out the bedroom

Kids sleep better in an aired out room! During warm days, my windows throughout the house are usually opened anyway, but even during winter I try to do the same. I prop open their windows in their room and close the door. I usually do this while they eat their supper or take their baths. This step helps get rid of all the nasty smelly air particles that stuff the house throughout the day from usual daily activities like cooking, etc. Cool air also helps a lot!

3. Lavender essential oil

I love to add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to my kids’ diffuser. Lavender aroma is soothing, calming and relaxing…all great for energetic children to drift off to a good-nights sleep. I bought my lavender at Marshalls, which I like, but I do recommend getting something a bit more pricy like YoungLiving or DoTerra.

4. Use a humidifier

I run my humidifier all day long, especially during the winter months. The one we have has a hygrometer built in, which allows me to see the humidity level. I can be in control of how much humidity I want in the room by adjusting the settings. Humidity soothes their noses, throats and nasal passages and helps them breathe better overall all night long. Did you know the right humidity level can even eliminate viruses that live in dry air?

5. Keep plants in their room

I love plants and I have them all over the house. Plants clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also remove toxins from air like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, which are usually present in things like rugs, grocery bags, cigarette smoke and paints. 15-18 plants are recommended for a 1,800 square foot house and I usually like to keep 4-5 plants in my kid’s room. Aloe, Peace lily, snake plant and English Ivy are best.

 If you’re in need of a better sleep, try my tips and see if they help your family! One thing for sure…be consistent!


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