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6 Best Plants for Your Apartment

best plants for home

Plants, plants plants….

How I love them!


I’m no “plant” expert by any means, but I’ve done enough research to persuade myself that plants should be in every house and not just one plant. And so I went ahead and bought myself some 14 plants…

Alright, maybe not all at the same time.


Did you know plants are just as good as air purifiers? Except they may require a little more love and care…

Most plants are masters at what they are meant to do. Plants purify air by removing pollutants and absorbing them through their leaves and stems (and what this basically means is you have something that releases clean oxygen into the air you breathe AND looks pretty on your bookshelf). Majority of plants can purify 100 square feet and so you should have about 15-18 plants for a space of 1,800 square feet. Of course the bigger the plant, the better and more efficient it will be at purifying the air, though even smaller plants like Aloe and Ivy’s  are great.

Plants are a good idea, especially for small homes, college dorms and apartments (which is my case).  We live in great, well taken-care-of apartment and even though it may seem like there’s not much “pollution” going on, unfortunately there is. Our regular household items are to blame. Rugs, plastic grocery bags and pressed wood, which is basically most kitchen cabinets and furniture, contain formaldehyde.  Carpets, paints and cigarette smoke also release formaldehyde.  Benzene and trichloroethylene are common pollutants as well, which hide in plastics, cleaning products and adhesives. Toluene and Xylene can be found in paint thinners, polishes, cleaning products, rubber and leather.

So in essence, a lot of the things we have at home produce things we don’t want to breathe in daily. Air pollution is harmful to your health and causes a long list of health problems. Babies and people with asthma and similar conditions should be especially careful to breathe good quality air on a daily bases.

I have several plants in my kids’ bedroom for all those reasons. I want them to breathe clean, good quality air all day and night, especially during the winter time, since we don’t open the windows as much and the air gets stuffy.

By the way, keep in mind that some plants are better at purifying the air than others. So here’s my list of my go-to plants!


Snake Plant

These are very hardy plants that require medium, indirect sunlight. Water thoroughly every 2 weeks and make sure the top inch of soil is completely dry before watering.  Snake Plants are great for the bedroom as they filter out formaldehyde and toluene and release oxygen at night.

Pothos, preferably  Golden Pothos

Very attractive houseplant with vines that grow up to several yards in length. Requires medium light, avoiding direct sunlight. Water once a week making should not to overwater to prevent roots from rotting. They are fantastic at removing benzene and carbon monoxide from air. Perfect plant for hanging or when placed on a shelf where their vines can hang down.

Peace Lily

Resilient and easy to take care of. In general, they need medium, indirect sunlight and should be thoroughly watered weekly depending on humidity level of your home.


Spider Plant

Loves bright, indirect sunlight. Water thoroughly once a week cutting back during the winter. Remove formaldehyde and xylene very well.  These plants can actually be placed in hanging baskets as well.



There are many different varieties out there. Require bright, filtered sunlight. Most Dracaena plants need moist soil at all times but make sure the plant isn’t overwatered to prevent root from rotting. It’s sensitive to fluoride, so using tap water isn’t ideal for this houseplant. Try using purified water to prevent the leaves from turning brown and having dead areas.


Aloe Vera

These are actually succulents and like all succulents they need bright light and less water.  Water every 3 weeks, making sure the plant isn’t standing in water afterwards and has great drainage. Aloe Vera has a gel-like substance in the leaves which can be used to heal cuts and burns! Removes formaldehyde.

(The black and white pot for my Aloe is actually a coffee mug from Marshall’s!)

Some of my other favorites

English Ivy

Boston Fern

Gerbera Daisy

Dragon Tree


Rubber Plant

Dwarf Palm


I bought most of my houseplants from Home Depot and Lowes. But check out your local nurseries and garden centers as well, as they can have great plants available specifically for the zone you live in. I hope this was helpful to you!


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