Spring Gifts Under 15$ for the Homemaker


Spring is almost here! Okay, well maybe not exactly judging by the huge blizzard we just had here in New Hampshire, but either way, April is around the corner and no way April is considered a Winter month.

Spring time feels like some sort of renewal, doesn’t it? All the Crocus’s start to peak from underneath the snow, leaf buds begin to open up and the birds start to chirp early in the morning. Everything becomes so beautiful in its own way and in fact I’m totally in love with this time of year. There’s Easter celebrations, egg dyeing and a general sense of joy. Spring is a great time to give gifts to your friends, loved ones, co-workers and so on to show your appreciation and love.

Here I came up with a list of gifts for a homemaker this Spring. Homemaker has a lot of tasks on her hands. From daily chores to more deeper things like creating a welcoming, loving and positive atmosphere in the home for the family. There should be an abundance of appreciation towards these types of people in our families. And because I could relate to being a homemaker and doing the difficult but rewarding job that it is, I’ve chosen some beautiful and practical items (all under 15$!) that I would recommend myself.

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For the home

Home decor gifts can be tricky to buy, since the person receiving your gift may not have the same taste as you do. I recommend buying home decor items that are universal, not falling into a very distinctive category of style and nothing clunky. Always buy decor that’s also useful, that way the person you gifted the decor to won’t feel like it’s just another piece of clutter they need to put away somewhere.



Going with anything kitchen related is always a great idea. Homemakers spend half their time in the kitchen, cooking and preparing. Why not show your appreciation with something beautiful that can make the kitchen a lovely place to spend time at!



Know someone who will be traveling this Spring? These useful and pretty items would be wonderful gifts.



I’ve chosen some great accessories for the “her” in your life. Any gal would be thankful for these I’m sure.Try going neutral if you’re nervous, in case she’s not the person who likes to stand out.



Homemakers work hard. Make her office gorgeous with these gift ideas, so her working won’t feel like a burden.



I hope you enjoyed my selection of gifts! Let’s be appreciative and loving towards our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and friends. Let’s not only show that with gifts, but with words and actions too. Speak and do what’s on your heart. Feeling thankful for a person in your life today? Don’t hide it, there’s no point in that! Write a note, leave a voicemail or go up and say it straight to the person.

“Let brotherly love continue.” Hebrews 13:1


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