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Simple Raindrop + Cloud Garland Craft

paper garland


We just had another big snow storm a couple days ago and one potentially still coming next week. It definitely feels like we’ve been stuck at home most of the week and I’ve been trying to do everything to keep my kids entertained. We usually have plenty of things to do if we’re ever unable to get outdoors, but by the end of Winter it feels like we’ve done them all too many times.

My kids are at that age where even the smallest activities can make them happy, therefore we do lots of pillow/blanket forts, hide and seek around the house and plenty of cooking together. I also like to take out some of the toys that I had put away for a few months (read my post about how I organized my kids’ toys). They are just as amused as when they had first got them, so luckily this keeps them busy for good couple hours.When Viktor naps during the day, I usually like to have some one on one time with Alina. She loves to draw, color, do crafts and learn letters/numbers (thankfully!) So that’s what we do!

This snow day, however, I didn’t have any crafts prepared ahead of time, so I went to my pile of used paper scraps and pondered about what I can do with them. Considering it’s almost April, I’ve decided to do a simple cloud and raindrop garland, which I thought would look great over her bed (more on that later). I’ve had just enough paper and it was simple enough for Alina to do.


What you’ll need:



Pen or pencil

Hot glue + glue sticks


Scrap paper


Freehand draw a raindrop on card stock paper if you have some. It should be around an inch wide (it’s not as hard as it may seem). Cut and use that as a template. Trace and cut at least 20 raindrops or as many as you can using up your paper scraps. Your toddler can help you cut them out using child safe scissors.

Freehand draw a cloud about 4-5 inches wide, also preferable on thicker paper like cardstock. Cut and use as your template. Make about 5-8 clouds.

Plug in your hot glue gun (make sure you talk to your child and let them know not to touch it). When it’s heated, take a cloud, place it print side down and place a small drop of hot glue in the middle of it. Working quickly, take your thread and glue it to the cloud.

Hot glue 2-3 raindrops below the cloud, placing them print side down also, adding a small drop of hot glue and gluing your thread to the raindrop. Space everything about 2 inches in between.

Repeat the process reaching the designed length. Make as many garlands as you want or can, using the clouds and raindrops you cut out.

I laid them out on the floor as I went so none of them would get tangled. When you’re done with hot gluing, make sure you rip off any access glue that looks like tiny strings. Now you’re ready to hang them!

Crafting with a toddler can be tricky and time consuming, but seeing those concentrated little faces carefully cutting, drawing and coloring is priceless! Our final product wasn’t perfect and our raindrops weren’t all rounded, but in the end that didn’t matter. What mattered was the learning process of crafting itself and that we spent the time together! As for the garland, Alina was super stoked about hanging it over her bed. Who knew such little things in life can make a child so content! I just used some scotch tape, nothing fancy. Now I know you noticed her bare walls and bed…we’re totally re-doing their room. I’m hoping my husband will soon build a custom, toddler bunk bed for the kiddos. That’s why everything is sort of temporary for now.

We also went outside that same day in the morning to capture the beauty of the fresh snow and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. However, I do have one from last week. My hubby took it while we were heading out to church.

Enjoy the Winter while it lasts and I’m hoping you’ll give the garland a try!


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