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8 Safe Soaps for Babies + Toddlers

When it comes to soap for my kids’ bodies, I always try to choose the best stuff out there. I wasn’t always so conscientious about reading the product labels and checking the ingredients prior to kids, but now that’s the first thing I do. I really don’t want any chemicals or harsh ingredients to come in contact with their skin, so any label that reads fragrances, sulfates and phthalates, I stay away from. Any ingredient that ends with “paraben” or in general sounds too “chemically”, like PEG-40, I try not to buy. Not knowing what most of the ingredients are makes it illogical for me to use on skin, especially baby skin! A lot of those unknown ingredients can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions and dry skin. Furthermore, many soap ingredients are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), like sodium laureth sulfate and many more.

Of course the “good stuff” is a lot more expensive and believe me, I’m a penny pincher, so I’m always on the lookout for sales, coupons or discounts. I care about the cost a bit less when it comes to my kids, though, so I do make an exception and always buy best products for them.


So here’s my roundup of soaps I actually use and would use for my kids in the future. They are all great soaps, made with simple ingredients and by trusted brands. My personal favorites are Babyganics, Seventh Generation and EO soaps.

Babyganics Conditioning Shampoo + Bodywash


I love all Babyganics products! Plant-based, organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals. They have this soap fragrance free or chamomile verbena. I have used both and both are great.

Seventh Generation Baby Foaming Shampoo + Wash

Gentle soap without questionable ingredients. Made with pure coconut oil making it great for babies with sensitive or dry skin.

Everyone for Every Kid 3-in-1 Lavender Lullaby Soap

EO makes great non-gmo soaps using plant extracts to soothe skin and essential oils for a calming experience. Vitamins B5 and E are added to moisturize. They also have baby washes with similar ingredients and many scents to choose from.

Dr. Bronner’s 4-in-1 Sugar Soap

This product is a shampoo, body, face and hand wash. How awesome! These types of soaps are my favorite. Fragrance free with no odd ingredients. They do have other scents available. More on the pricier side.

Lafe’s Organic Baby Foaming Shampoo + Wash

100% organic, basic soap with sunflower seed, olive, coconut and palm oils for hydration. Fragrance free.

Tom’s Shampoo + Bodywash

Fragrance free, natural ingredients and no unwanted chemicals. Gentle for everyday use.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Bath Blossoms

This one’s interesting! They are sachets which you steep like you would a teabag and then poor into your baby’s bath water. Each sachet contains chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, as well as, calendula and oatmeal, wonderful for fussy babies.

Honest Shampoo + Bodywash

The Honest Company makes wonderful and safe products for babies. Made without synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals, it’s also pH balanced so it won’t dry out the skin. Comes in 4 lovely scents made from oils and extracts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the information practical and helpful! Read my post about my favorite cleaning products too!

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