IKEA GRUSBLAD Toddler Comforter Hack

Have you ever struggled finding the perfect comforter for your toddlers’ bed?

Well, I’m sharing my little hack I did with an IKEA comforter. If you know a little bit about sewing and honestly you don’t need much knowledge, this simple project is easy to do! Check out my other IKEA hack using the children’s table! Also if you like the raindrop and cloud garland, it was a super easy craft that we did with Alina last week.

I personally know nothing about sewing. I love doing all sorts of crafting, where I can use my creativity and imagination so to make my vision come true, but I never learned anything regarding needles and threads, not even mentioning sewing machines. My dear mama, however, went to school for this stuff. Back in Russia, which is where we are from, she got her degree in sewing and did alterations at a high end tailor shop. Luckily, the stitching used in this project is simple and anyone can get a hang of it, even me…probably. But since I had my mom at hand, she was able to help me with this. You can do a simple, straight stitch either by hand or with a sewing machine and you’ll be done in a couple hours at most. Find some great sewing blogs, like Make It and Love It to get a little bit more information if you need to.

Let me backtrack. We bought Alina a toddler bed a little before Viktor was born, to give Viktor the crib and I was having trouble finding a good, light but warm blanket for her new toddler bed. Everything I found was either small or too large and I also wanted her to have a duvet cover, so she doesn’t have to deal with flat sheets, etc. When we went to IKEA with my mom about a year ago, an idea crossed my mind as I was walking through the bedroom aisles. I CAN CUT A TWIN COMFORTER IN HALF! This will give me the perfect size toddler bed comforter and there will be a second one I can use for Viktor when he gets older!

I bought the warmer GRUSBLAD Comforter in twin and also some twin sized duvet covers to go along. The next day my mom came over and we did it together in under an hour.


You’ll need


Large craft scissors

Needle + white thread if stitching by hand

Sewing machine

Pen or pencil

Yard stick






1. Lay your comforter flat on the floor.

2. Fold the comforter in half and mark at the crease, both on top and bottom.

3. Use preferably a yard stick to lightly draw a straight line through the blanket where you’ll be cutting.

4. Use your craft scissors and cut the comforter in half.

5. Set one aside, and sew your cut comforter using a straight stitch. We did double straight stitch (two straight stitches parallel to each other) to make sure it’s secure. Sorry, it’s sort of hard to see that on the picture below.

6. Repeat with the other cut comforter and you’re done!


We essentially did the same thing to the 2 duvet covers that I bought, the pink polka dot one isn’t available anymore (these are lovely though, one, two). Cut it in half and sew the one with the original opening at the side you cut with straight stitch. The other one we also sewed up the side that was cut, then we added some snap buttons to the other end to easily get the comforter in and out for washing.

Super easy right? Now you have two perfectly sized comforters that work great in a toddler bed.


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