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Organizing Under the Sink

Let’s talk about kitchens!

We live in an apartment and have a pretty small galley kitchen with one entrance point. Now let me you, this sort of kitchen is something to get used to. Honestly, before we moved from our old apartment last September, my husband and I have never cooked in this type of kitchen. In our previous apartment we had an L-shaped kitchen, which seemed to be ideal. In a galley kitchen you still have the proper “kitchen work triangle” with your sink, stove and refrigerator spaced out correctly, but we constantly bumped and still bump into each other if we are both in the kitchen, because you have to go from one side to the other. And if the kids roam in as well, then it’s impossible to work at all! We have to stop what we’re doing and get them out of the way. But again, we got used to it…it just took some time.

Nonetheless, a lot of people love and purposely build galley kitchens in their homes. And there’s so many beautiful spacious one’s out there that are also walk through, which is a nice element. I think if you’re working side by side or if only one person is using the kitchen, then this type of kitchen can very well be effective. Like any other really…

What I do love about our kitchen is that since our apartment has high ceilings, the top cabinets are taller than typical. This means I have a lot more room to put stuff. This works out great, because we don’t have a pantry, unlike in our old apartment.

I still find myself trying to organize and re-organize in every single cabinet, seperating everything into their own category and purpose. I have pantry items in one cabinet, spices in another cabinet and dinnerware in another. Drawers are for utensils of course and the cabinets over the microwave and fridge usually have things that are least used.

What I focused on today was sharing with you how I organized the space underneath the sink. Hopefully I’ll write more blog posts in the future about how I organized and made our galley kitchen very effective and great for working.

I always have a jumble of everything underneath the sink, from light bulbs to cleaning products to spare plant pots. It was a cabinet that was on the top of my “to organize” list. Mostly because I knew that it was a disaster in there! And also because I didn’t want the kids to have easy access to things like dish/laundry detergent, S.O. S scrubbers and light bulbs.

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Let’s begin

First, I took everything out and sorted things by size and purpose. If it was something I could throw away, I did. For instance, I had some Lysol disinfecting wipes that were completely dried out, so I tossed those.

I got some Sterilite stacking baskets, two large and two medium. These work great because I can stack them and use up the vertical free space.

I also hung an IKEA VARIERA plastic bag dispenser on the door, using 4 Command Hooks, two on top and two on bottom.

I added some hooks on the side for an IKEA dust pan, Swiffer duster (I can’t live without these!) and a fly swatter.

Again, using those handy hooks, I hung a couple of IKEA SUNNERSTA containers for toothbrushes that I use to scrub with, some sponges, and so on.

Lastly, my awesome husband put a Motion Sensor Light, which is awesome because it’s typically a bit dark in the kitchen. This was a brilliant idea!

Now, I love the space underneath the sink! It’s clean, simple and great use of space. Give the Sterilite Stacking baskets a try. They’re very sturdy and stack great!

Regarding buying IKEA products on Amazon: I will be truly honest and say the prices are way up there for IKEA items specifically, I’m not sure exactly why. I’ve only linked them for your convenience and to see what I’m actually talking about.

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