Birdie + Bird Cage Craft

Adorable and simple paper bird cage craft with a birdie inside! Perfect for springtime, plus it’s easy enough to do with kids.

My 3 year old daughter really enjoyed making this. I have found it helpful to prep all of the “parts and pieces” you’ll need ahead of time, that way she doesn’t have to wait for me to cut everything out. She loves cutting as well, so I’ll give her something to cut and she’ll be at it for a long time. When it’s time to hot glue, I try to warn her that she shouldn’t touch the tip of the hot glue gun, because it’s super hot. However, she’s a smart girl and even helped me out by making small dollops of hot glue, because kids logic is, the more dangerous, the more I should do it….(I am right moms?).

You’ll need:


White card-stock

Floral/print card-stock

Solid card-stock



Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Lid (any type, preferably at least 3″)

Thread and needle (not pictured)




  1. Using the floral/print card-stock, cut out a 1.5″ x 8″  strip of paper (It shouldn’t wrap all the way about the lid).

2. Using the solid piece card-stock, cut .5″ x 8″ paper strips (6).

3. Hot glue the floral/print strip along the outer side of the lid.

4. Hot glue the solid strips on the inside of the floral/print card-stock, spacing them out evenly.

5. Hot glue each strip at the top, on by one. Make sure the cage is even and straight.

6. Now using your white card-stock, freehand draw a bird (I will have a free downloadable printout soon).

7. With a needle, create a small hole in the middle top of the bird. Thread your thread through and tie with about 4 knots. Cut off excess end thread and leave a long pieces to hang by, about 2′.

8. Through the opening (door) of your cage, secure the bird to the top of the cage, weaving it through the hot glued solid strips and tie in a knot. There’s no specific way of doing it, but this shouldn’t be hard. The rest of the thread you can use to hang the bird cage by anywhere you want. And you’re DONE!


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