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“What grows faster?” Experiment

Did you know you can regrow fruits and veggies from scraps right at home? I bet you have, because it’s a trending topic and a lot of people are trying it!

I have done this with avocado and pineapple about 4 years ago. It’s pretty much the same concept for all fruits and veggies and you just need some water, soil and sun. I actually had the avocado pit sprout and grow to about a little over a foot tall. Though it takes years until you can see any avocado’s develop, it was still fun to see it grow.

So I had an idea cross my mind that this would be a fun little experiment I can do with my 3 year old. I had 3 washed jars from Oui Yogurt (thank goodness I decided to keep those for some reason) and I’ve chosen to plant whatever I had available in the kitchen; carrot, onion and garlic.

This little crafty experiment is perfect for Spring time. While working together, talk to your little ones about the four seasons and why each one is important. Explain what Spring is all about and why it’s almost that time of year when everything starts to bloom and becomes green. Talk to them about photosynthesis using basic language…learning is always more fun when combined with hands on experiments! I also thought it would be fun to see which vegetable will sprout first, so I’ve written 1 2 3 on each jar, that way I can circle first, second or third. This is all so fascinating to kids this age!

You’ll need


3 small-medium glass jars

Carrot, cut at the top with some of the core in the middle

Small onion, cut in half and use side with roots


Soil (I had leftover potting soil)


Labels (I used scraps of card-stock and hand wrote each vegetable out)




  1. Gather and prep all supplies and veggies. We worked outside on an old door mat to keep things a little less messy.
  2. Add soil to glass jars.

3. Add one vegetable to each jar. Carrot side up. Onion and garlic roots down. Top with a little bit more soil.

4. Water gently.

5. Label each jar (I also wrote 1 2 3 towards the back so I can circle which grew first, second or third).

6. Place in a sunny area and watch them sprout over time!

Alina loved this and now checks the jars every day….ah kids. They don’t need much to be amazed and interested.

I’ll make a post in about 1 month to review the progress!


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