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Easter Egg 5 Senses Activity

This is a fun and entertaining Easter activity to do with your kids to learn about their nervous system. Even though this has nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter, I’ve still incorporated the beloved Easter eggs just for the matter of season. Each egg has something inside that can be smelled, tasted, touched, looked at and heard when the egg is shaken. This activity will help your child use and learn about the 5 senses they have in an engaging way!

You’ll need

5-10 Easter eggs (the more the long the activity will be)

Edible item to place into each egg (I️ used a goldfish, pretzel, craisin, chocolate chips and a freeze dried baby apples).

Pen or pencil


Scarf or scarves


  1. Prepare all of the eggs before hand.
  2. Get your pen and paper ready and introduce one egg at a time to each child.

  1. First, have them shake it carefully. Write down what they hear and what they think it might be.
  2. Second, tie their eyes with a scarf and open the egg. Let them feel the item and write down what it feels like and what they think it might be now.
  3. Third, let them smell it. Write down what they smell and their predictions.
  4. Fourth, have them take a taste! This was the part my kids enjoyed the most. I simply broke off a tiny piece for each of my kids and let them both try it simultaneously. Write down what they taste and their prediction of what it might be.
  5. Lastly, take off their scarves and let them look at what is was!

So fun for kids and parents too!

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