Bible Verses for the Very Little Ones: Story of Easter

The other day I found myself struggling to explain the story behind Easter to my little ones and I couldn’t find simple enough verses and words to do so! Those little rug rats have an attention span of two minutes as it is and not too much understanding yet, but I certainly want to plant a seed of truth in their little hearts so they can grasp what they’re believing in from the very young age.

So I sat down with my Bible and did some research, trying to find appropriate verses that could reveal God and Jesus (their characteristics), story of Easter and the gift of eternal life.

I found simple enough verses and wrote them out on a piece of paper. I chose a few verses that would briefly summarize the Easter “story” and which they could easily follow and be interested in listening. As I read to them, I would paraphrase using my own words as well.

So I’d like to share them with you!


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