Paper Flower Wreath Craft

simple and easy paper flower wreath craft

I made this simple paper leaf and flower wreath as part of my spring home decor and I love the way it came out. It’s very easy, unique and only cost me 4$. So let’s hop on in and get straight to it!


You’ll need:

Floral print card-stock

Print card-stock

Solid color card-stock

12” Embroidery hoop


Hot glue + glue sticks

How to:

  1. Cut large and medium sized leaves (under 4”) using solid and print card-stock. Cut out as many as you can, using up all of the paper.

2. Slightly bend each leave by sliding it between your index and middle finger. Might sound tricky, but try it! It’s easy.

3. Cut 5, 2” petals and 2, 1” circle using floral print card-stock.

4. In all 5 petals, cut a slit of about ½” long on the bottom side (make different sized flowers).

5. Slightly overlap the slit part of the petal and hot glue; this will create a slight bend in the petal. Do to all 5 petals.

6. Using a tiny amount of hot glue, glue the petals around one of the 1” circle. Space evenly.

7. Hot glue the other 1” circle right in the middle of your flower to create the center.

8. Now using the embroidery hoop, hot glue your leaves going in one direction. Alternate the print and solid leaves.

9. Hot glue the flowers around the wreath right onto the leaves. Pair the flowers using large and small ones together. You’re done!


How beautiful is the wreath! Perfect to hang on the entry door, window or wherever you wish! Happy Spring!


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