Raspberry Kefir Bowl Recipe

This kefir bowl with granola and raspberries is super easy to make, tasty and healthy! It’s my kids’ go-to snack or I should call…dessert!

Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk drink full of probiotics and is super beneficial for their little tummies, aiding in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut. Raspberries or berries in general, are a great source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium. I also sprinkle a little granola for some iron and additional fiber and kids love the crunch. To top it off, I add a drizzle of raw honey for some sweetness (always try to buy raw honey instead of processed honey: processing and pasteurization kills beneficial enzymes and removes antioxidants).




Raspberry Kefir



Raw Honey



In a bowl, pour desired amount of kefir. Add raspberries, granola and drizzle with some honey. Voila, done! Delicious and easy!

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