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My 12 Most Used Baby Items

most used baby items

Those pre-baby days can be so exhausting and stressful. While creating a tiny human you’re faced with so many decisions, unknowns and preparations.

You’re probably getting that dream nursery all set up early on and then tweaking it here and there every single day just to get it right how you imagined it. You’re probably swiping that cute little dress off the sale rack at Target, just because it’s on sale and you need to stock up on baby outfits. And you most likely have a growing checklist of questionable items to put on your registry. This one I’ve found to be the most time-consuming.

Well, my short list is certainly not all of what’s on your to-do list. Right? Let me help you ease one part of that beautiful stage as you’re preparing for biggest life change. I’m sharing with you what items I’ve found super useful with two of my babies.

Now that my kids are technically not babies anymore, I’ve come up with a list of baby items that I found to be most used, in fact items I used every single day (the items somewhat varied between the two kids). But I hope that my list will help you decide and choose which baby items are the essentials and should definitely be on your baby registry!


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12 Most Used Baby Items


Love To Dream Swaddle Up: I used these with my second and they’re just as great as the SwaddleMe Wrapsacks, which I used with my first baby. However, I found these to be a lot more convenient because they have a zipper rather than Velcro, which is super loud at night. Also the three attachments seemed too much fastening to me. The zipper is a lot more quieter, simpler and practical.


Vicks Digital Thermometer: I love Vicks Digital Thermometer, in fact we’ve had it for almost 4 years now and it still works perfectly fine (I don’t think we’ve ever changed a battery in it either). I’ve used and still use it every time the kiddos are sick and it’s accurate, quick and has a color coded displays to help you better understand the meaning of the reading. That is an awesome feature for new moms. You can use it rectally for infants, underarm and orally.

Foscam Camera: This is definitely something I’ve used way more often with my first child than the second. I think it has to do with “first babies” and all the anxiety that comes along. I used it every night and during each nap, I even took it with me on road trips and getaways. This monitor is actually not a baby monitor specifically, but it has awesome features which we loved. My hubby did extensive research, reading ratings and reviews (like he always does) and found the Foscam. It has two-way audio, night vision and rotates up, down and sideways.I loved it.


The First Years Tub: I had a basic one, nothing fancy and it worked great. I like simple. This tub was perfect up to the stage when they learn to sit unassisted. At that point I stopped using the tub and just placed them in the big tub with a little water). But from newborn to about 6 months this tub is awesome, comfortable for the baby and safe. It’s not clunky or high-tech either.


Munchkin Latch Bottles: I formula fed my first baby after 3 months and with my second I pumped and bottle fed for a year, so I used plenty of bottles. I’ve tried numerous brands and types and ultimately loved the Munchkin Latch. These are designed to be very similar to the breast to minimize nipple confusion and allow a good latch. They also have anti-colic valve to prevent swallowed air that actually works! Read my post; My top 5 pumping essentials I used everyday, if you need more insights on exclusive pumping.


Mamaroo: Don’t get a battery-operated swing! Those eat batteries like crazy. I’m assuming the “battery-operated” is less popular nowadays anyways…but we had one with our first almost 4 years ago. We liked the swing itself, but I sat beside it most of the time pushing the baby because I was tired of it gobbling my batteries. With our second, we bought a Mamaroo and it was one of the best purchases we’ve made. My son had silent reflux and needed to sleep at an incline and this was perfect because it reclines to multiple positions. It also has 5 different motions and speeds. It’s pricy, but well worth it!


Philips Avent Pacifier: I know not all babies take pacifiers, but both of mine did and loved them so dearly…and so did I because they’re great for naps, public places and in general a great way to calm a baby. I bought 6 different brands of pacifies before I found the one my oldest liked. She loved the Avent and with my second I didn’t bother with any other and gave him this one right away, which he loved as well. Pacifies might not be for your baby, but I’ve personally found them very helpful.

ToaTronics Humidifier: Maybe you haven’t thought about putting a humidifier on your registry, but let me tell you they are so important. Humidifier does wonders to a baby with a cold, stuffed nose and allergies. We love our ToaTronics (not exact one we have, but very similar). It has a large water capacity that works for 15 hours full blast, touch LED display with various functions, like adjustable humidity level and timer. It is also super quiet, which is a nice feature.


Muslin Swaddle Blanket: I used these often, especially when they were just newborns. Both of my babies loved to be swaddled and these are perfect because they have a nice stretch to them. This allowed you to wrap your baby tighter for a snug fit. Light, breathable material is awesome for summer.


NutriBullet Blender: I enjoyed making my own baby food and if you’re planning on it too, you’ll definitely need a good blender. I recommend the NutriBullet. Powerful and purees food very smoothly.


JJ Cole Broadway Stroller: We bought a JJ Cole stroller with our first and I loved it. I loved that the baby can lay comfortably with their back straight. You can place the bassinet or the car seat directly onto the wheels (comes with a car seat adapter too). It’s super light and not at all clunky. We’ve had it since our first baby and nothing has broken or stopped working.


Fisher-Price Spacesaver High chair: Since we lived in an apartment, I got a Fisher-Price spacesaver high chair to save room and we loved it. It’s has a tray that easily comes off, it’s comfortable, does the job…oh and saves room!


Here’s a little encouragement…

Lovely mama, don’t stress too much over the unknowns. Babies are all different and what’s working for some babies, might not work for yours. And that’s okay! That’s the beauty of being a mother. You’ll get to know your baby, his/her needs, wants, likes, dislikes and personalities.

Eventually you’ll master motherhood and feel good about it. Don’t get too hung up on the exhausting tasks like building your registry, because you can always return and buy missing items.

But I wanted to share my short list with you to help you get started. I shared the items I’ve used pretty much every day and with both babies, so they must be essential and important! Also, read my post about safe baby soaps to help you decide which baby soap is best!



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