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Say Bye-Bye to Binky: One Simple Trick That Worked Overnight

weaning off pacifier simple trick

A pacifier is a wonderful baby essential that’s both helpful for the baby and the parents. They have many great benefits when raising a new baby. Pacifier satisfies babies’ natural sucking reflex, reduces sudden infant death (SIDS) and helps the baby learn to self sooth. Hence, they’re great for naps, night time and calming a crying baby.

Both of my kids loved pacifiers, Avent pacifiers to be specific. They would usually need them for sleep and not at any other time. Still, I would cringe at the mere thought of weaning them off, because I was afraid it was going to be very challenging.

When, at their one year old check-ups, their doctor would suggest we start the process of weaning, I honestly didn’t know where to begin, especially with my first. But the doctor explained that by two years of age, they should definitely be weaned. She then clarified that after two years old, the pacifier might cause damage to the upper and bottom teeth, making them slant or shift. It can also delay speech and prevent good word pronunciation. So I researched and researched and found that there are so many tips and tricks at how to wean off the pacifier (which actually added a little more stress!).

When each of my kids hit 18 months, which was just the time I chose myself since they were beginning to talk, I would try a few techniques that I found online. Some like, limiting the pacifier, removing it once they’re asleep and pretending I couldn’t find it! But nothing worked so instantly…and by instantly I mean OVERNIGHT…as the trick below.

Trick that worked overnight?… CUT THE TIP OFF!

I simply took a pair of clean scissors and cut the tip off to create a whole the size of a pencil eraser. When I did that trick with my first, I gave her the cut pacifier to try and she said “baby” right after, as if it’s too small and probably uncomfortable to suck. And that was it, it worked like magic!

With my second, whom I weaned a few months ago, I did same exact trick and didn’t’ bother trying any other method. And just as with my first, it worked overnight as well.

I’m sharing this easy peasy trick with you, because first, it’s super easy and second, because I feel like it actually works (based on my two kids, of course). It may or may not work for yours kids because it all depends on how attached they are to their binky, but you’ll never know until you try. So if it’s the right time for your baby to wean or you’ve already hit a dead end, give this “popular” trick a try and see for yourself! Good luck!

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