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10 Baby Items I Didn’t Find Helpful & Items I Would Rather Invest In

I wrote a blog post about My 12 Most Used Baby Items, not too long ago, where I talked about useful items I literally used every day with both kids. Well, I thought it was only appropriate to do a corresponding post and talk about items I didn’t find useful. I thought I’d name the post 10 Baby Items I Didn’t Find Helpful & Items I Would Rather Invest In, because some of the items aren’t bad in and of themselves, but I felt that there’s better options and choices out there on the market and I thought I’ll talk about that too.

When I was placing items on my baby registry, especially when I was doing it for my first baby (since I was a first time mom and a little clueless), I really depended on the checklist they provided and ultimately built my registry off that. I was led to believe I should have 4 sets of sheets, 8 white onesies and 4 blankets each different warmth level. Only then I’d be covered. And if I didn’t check those off the checklist I would be the “unprepared” mom…and who wants to be that???

However, over time we learn…don’t we mama’s? We find what’s useful, practical, necessary and what’s not. We gain experience, learn from mistakes, research and find better options. So I wanted to share some baby items I put on my registry, thought were necessary, but eventually didn’t find them useful or practical. I also want to mention what items I would rather invest in and buy. Some things I still use today!

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Bulb Syringe

How do people use these?! I couldn’t figure it out. I Googled how-to videos and I still didn’t find it useful and effective. Mine came in the Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit (which, by the way, out of 25 pieces I only found use for the nail clippers). The bulb syringe in this kit is a two-piece syringe. I’m sure that if it actually worked, the fact that it comes apart would be useful to get the gunk out, however, it would fall apart into two-pieces in my hands as I would try to use it. So no, not helpful. Luckily, my friend suggested the lovely Nosefrida, which is like day and night from using the syringe. I can write a long and positive review about it, but I’ll spare you the time. In short, get it instead! 🙂

Rather Invest: Nosefrida!


Nursing Pillow

I had very high goals when it came to breastfeeding. Especially with my second, since with my first born breastfeeding didn’t work out so much. I went ahead and added the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, thinking I’d be all comfortable and cozy sitting in my rocking chair, enjoying the breastfeeding session. Not so much…I used this pillow about 5 times, and my little man kept falling into the hole between the pillow and myself…oh and my back hurt from trying to get him and myself comfortable. Maybe I didn’t know how to use it correctly, but I eventually found myself more comfortable breastfeeding while side-lying anyway. Of course, there’s a ton of mothers who prefer sitting while breastfeeding and find that comfortable and don’t get me wrong, this is a great pillow, durable, quality-made and has a nice pillow case that can come right off for a wash. But if I were to get a nursing pillow for my next baby, I’d probably buy something like this, since it secures around you.

Rather Invest: Nursing pillow with fasteners.


Music Box Crib Mobile

There are so many crib mobiles out there to choose from! Rotating, hanging, floral, animals, with or without music, battery-operated or music box. And when it came to my registry, of course I chose what’s the most prettiest and would match the nursery décor, not how practical it is. I chose the My Baby Sam Olivia Rose Crib Mobile, this exact same one with my first baby. It’s pink, matched my decor and plays music, what’s not to like? Well, I didn’t realize the music box has to be rewind every minute to keep the music playing. Both my kids loovve music, and to stand by the crib and keep twisting the music box was a bit too much work for me. I didn’t realize how unpractical this mobile would be. It rotates slowly, the subtle colors didn’t catch my kids eyes and the rewind is annoying. Coincidentally, my aunt asked me if I needed their old mobile she used back in 2004 with her twins. It’s the Tiny Love Classic Mobile (similar), and my kids loved it! It’s so colorful, rotates uniquely, develops all the important skills and the best part, it’s battery-operated to keep the music playing.

Rather invest: Battery-operated, colorful crib mobile.

Bath Towel with Hood

I put on my baby registry 3 baby bath towels with little hoodies, something like these Spasilk 3 pack Soft Terry Hooded Towels. I quickly found myself using my regular, large bath towels, though. The terry cloth is too thin and cold, the size of the towel is too small to wrap the baby nicely and the little triangle part for the head is also too small. I may have used these twice, but that’s it.

Rather invest: Regular bath towel!


Baby Food Maker

Fancy won’t make things easier and faster. I returned my baby food maker and used the good old pot and blender to do the job.

Rather invest: Blender. We use this one EVERY DAY, still.


Crib Shoes

I bought many cute baby shoes for my babies, but when time came I would rather have them wear socks. Crib shoes are somewhat uncomfortable and the baby’s feet can sweat in them. Babies don’t walk and the shoes often fall off.

Rather Invest: I would rather invest in some crocheted or knitted booties with ties to secure. Warm, practical and cute!


Changing Table & Pad

I set up this whole baby station prior to the baby arriving and was ready to tackle diapers. However, somehow, in the midst of everyday chaos and responsibilities, our bed quickly turned into the diaper changing station itself. Actually everything baby related…with every month the baby pretty much took over our bed, in every way.

Rather Invest: A good queen sized bed?


Baby Powder

I bought everything Johnson & Johnson with my first. Regretting this now, I also had the baby powder. I might have used it three times, and every time a small cloud of “not the best” ingredients would rise, so I just said no. I actually used a regular bum cream and found it to be so much more effective.

Rather Invest: Desitin.


Diaper Stacker

First, I couldn’t find a spot for it to hang from and second, it had to be unzipped every time…and that was that “one more thing” you had to worry about when you have a screaming baby. I tossed the stacker and bought myself a medium sized, deep container that worked much better. Plus the bin can be used for something else once the baby is no longer in diapers.

Rather Invest: Bin.

Bottle Warmer

My first baby was formula fed and second was pump and bottle fed, so I did use quite a bit of bottles. I had a baby bottle warmer with my first and the one time I used it, my Playtex bottle opened up right inside the warmer and I didn’t notice it until it started smelling of burnt milk. And ever since, if I needed a bottle warmed I used a coffee mug and hot water. Old school, but simple and inexpensive. And required just a bit (a lot) of patience.

Rather Invest: Quality Bottle Warmer.


And that’s my round-up! I bet there’s items on my list some mothers would totally agree with! Let me know in the comments what other useless baby items you’ve had 🙂 Of course every baby is different and requires different baby items, but I’m hoping my list might help some mama’s out there trying to build their registry!


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