Packing Kids’ Snacks for a 21+ Hour Long Road Trip

snacks for a road trip


As I continue to share about our recent travels, I want to share with you how I kept my two little active kids BUSY for 21+ hours straight!

Traveling can be super exhausting for kids, probably more exhausting than for adults. Kids are strapped (usually with a 5-point harness), limiting their movement and “freedom”. Their little bums get achy and looking out the window gets boring quickly. So how do you keep them from whining and asking “Are we there yet?”

I have some simple tips and tricks that worked for our long drive from New Hampshire to Florida. And even though it took some planning and doing a little shopping, it was all well worth it since we were able to make the drive with minimal complaining and wanting out!

{Bare with me as I took all of the photos with an iphone}

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They keep kids occupied and busy for a long time. I used sandwich bags for single portioned snacks, this way both kids get their own little baggie, which prevents hollering for their turn! This is also a great idea for the beach (in case sandy fingers reach for a whole box of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, and gets them all…well….sandy).

I had all sorts of dry snacks in a tote, within a hands reach, so I can easily take out a snack each time kids got antsy, without needing to stop.


Dry snacks that I packed:

-Kinnikinnik Chocolate Animal Cookies

-Annie’s Berry Bunnies

-Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears

-Snyder’s GF Pretzels


-Raw cashews (for the older one)

-Dried apricots, applies + mangos

-Dole diced peaches

snacks for a road trip

packing snack for a road trip


I also packed some cold snacks into a cooler and kept them in the trunk. That way if kids were tired of munching on pretzels and cookies I had some pudding cups and yogurt bars for some variety.

Cold snacks that I packed:

-Clio Vanilla and Hazelnut Greek Yogurt Bars (my personal obsession)

-Swiss Miss Pudding

-Cubed Organic Muenster cheese

-Applegate Uncured Salami

-Blueberries (pre-wash and completely dry the berries before storing, I used Pyrex glass containers)

-Sliced apples

packing snacks


Things to take along:

Sippy cups– My kids love these because they’re comfortable to hold and we love them because they’re totally spill-proof! Perfect for car rides. And always give water; it will satisfy their thirst and you won’t have to worry about dumping and cleaning the cups at some public restroom before the juice starts stinking (from personal experience).

BABYBJORN Soft Bib– I love the BABYBJORN bibs. They catch all the falling food perfectly saving the car seats from becoming a total mess. I actually used these as “trays” too! Little chicken nuggets/fries + BABYBJORN bibs = happy babies and clean car seat!

Paper towel roll- Keep a roll of paper towels nearby for accidental spills, etc.

Plastic spoons- Keep some plastics spoons in your snack bag for items that need a spoon.

Babyganics face, hand and baby wipes– Perfect for wiping down the bib, hands and mouth.

Head Sling– These are great when kids need a snooze or nap during the drive. Keeps their head supported and relieves neck strain.

packing snacks

If you’re headed for a long trip, remember to bring lots of snacks and water. This will definitely keep your kids (and you) happy as you’re exploring the world! Also if you want some packing tips, I have a post about packing THREE into ONE carry-on sized bag. This will surely help you if you’re tight on space. Thanks for reading and stay posted to see what activities I took along for kids on our road trip!


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