What My Three Year Old and I Do When Youngest Naps (Favorite Activities)

Ahh naps…

And I mean KIDS’ naps…

Isn’t it one of those times a mom loooves and can’t wait for? I know I do!

Chasing little kiddos around all day, while trying to do all the daily chores and errands in between isn’t easy, in fact it takes quite a bit of effort. It completely exhausts us and we’re ready for our second cup of coffee by noon time.

For me, naps were once a time when I would make myself a cup of tea, stretch my legs out on the sofa and enjoy that time relaxing and reading a good book.

Of course kid’s grow and schedules change. Alina stopped taking naps at home a while ago, at about 2 years old and I’ve always dreaded losing that quiet hour or so which I had all to my self. However, I’ve found an excellent routine for my daughter and I for when the little one is taking his day nap. And I’m loving this beautiful stretch of time I can spend with her alone, one-on-one.

Nonetheless, she’s only 3 and will be hitting her FOUR-nado year in a few months. That being said, she’s super active and therefore still needs some sort of quiet time where she can quietly play and even lay down for some rest. I still ask of her to have that quiet hour in her room, while Viktor is napping. I don’t expect her to fall asleep, though. She’s allowed to grab a book, puzzle or a toy and quietly read or play on her bed. Sometimes she falls asleep, but usually not. After an hour, she’s allowed to come out of her room and since the other guy sleeps longer than an hour, Alina and I have some one-on-one time. And here’s a short list of some of the activities we do together. Sometime’s our activity is cut short if Viktor has a short nap, or we don’t have it at all if we’re out and about.

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Currently she’s into learning, thankfully! And she loves her IKEA MÅLA whiteboard and blackboard easel. We use the board to memorize and learn the alphabet and solve simple math problems. I try to make it fun by using different colors and drawing silly pictures. Her favorite is matching lowercase letters to uppercase letters. Of course, by the end she becomes all goofy and starts doing her own thing and of course starts doodling!

toddler activities


World Atlas Puzzle Book

She loves this puzzle book. Its unique puzzle shapes and little illustrations make learning about different places around the world fun! These puzzles have a matching picture in the back, making it a little easier and prefect for 3 year olds. It’s a hard cover book, with durable and large puzzle pieces. We use the IKEA Children’s Table for everything every time!

Toddler activities



Painting is always a great idea and Alina loves it! (though not my favorite due to it being a little messy). We do a lot of water coloring, painting with sponges and brushes of course. Lots of fun and usually done on the balcony!



Kid’s love crafts, actually I do too ha-ha! My little one is really into cutting things out using her little safety scissors. In fact I can give her a piece of scrap paper and she’ll cut pieces out and glue them on a white card stock, making her own master piece. So cute! We love this Mosaic Scrap paper art! Need some more craft idea? Check out the Birdie + Cage Craft and Raindrop and Cloud Paper Garland.


Wipe-Clean Workbook

This is a great workbook for practicing tracing/writing letters and numbers. It’s colorful, fun and engaging. The best part is that you can easily wipe it clean and re-do the whole book all over again! We loved this on our recent road trip, great for on the go!


Cooking together

My daughter loves helping out in the kitchen, whisking and stirring things away! So I take this as an excellent opportunity to spend this one-on-one time with her in the kitchen prepping and making dinner. On occasion we bake together too and her favorite is piping and using the rolling pin! I try to make it educational, but at the same time fun, measuring ingredients out and reading steps together.


As children grow, their schedules change month to month and year to year. And while I wasn’t fond of my oldest starting to refuse her naps (thus eliminating my “me time”), I love that this is the time for US now. I take advantage of this wonderful stage of motherhood, because for all you know, someday they both will refuse their naps!

What activities do you love to do with your older kids when the wee ones nap? I’d love to hear them!


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