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How I Potty Trained My Daughter By 2 (Okay…Almost!)

Potty training, a common topic moms all over the world talk about. And for good reason! Most moms would probably agree it’s not the easiest part of raising kids. Trying to figure out and find that perfect and easiest method takes a lot of effort.

If I was Noah Webster and had to compile my own meaning of potty training, it would read something like this.

Potty training \po-tee, trey-nee-ng\  n   1 : a daily process of cleaning up pees and poops after a tiny human that just doesn’t seem to get it 2 : parental anxiety


Potty training is hard! It takes an enormous amount of patience, and not only that, it takes exactly the same amount of literal physical labor! Searching for the right method, learning from trials and errors, cleaning up the accidents and doing loads of laundry everyday doesn’t quite scream easy.

I get it…toddlers are toddlers and most likely they’re looking at you as if you’re crazy telling them to wee in a deep, round pot that doesn’t make any sense to them. And that silly dance at the end? Ha-ha! Admit to one!

When I was potty training my daughter, my goal was to train her by 2 years old. I got pregnant with our second baby when she was 15 months old and I was ambitious to have her fully trained by the time I gave birth.

It was quite a bit of work, I must say, for both my husband and I. Me being pregnant, however and trying to do one of the more difficult parts of raising little ones turned out to be harder and more exhausting than I thought. And I asked myself very often why she just couldn’t get it, I mean it’s simple, just pee in the potty!

I took on a few different methods and luckily there’s sooo many to chose from! So let me share with you!

Let me start by saying which method DIDN’T work,“Panty Raid”: running around only in undies (I’m referring to methods mentioned in Parenting). At the time, we were living in an apartment with all carpets and I couldn’t fathom all the triumphs in the wrong places multiple times a day, which STILL occasionally happened either way.

What DID work for my daughter was the reward system, which is when you reward a child after they’ve pees or pooped in the potty. This method actually turned into the “Wait and Pee” method, which is a basic of waiting for the right time. When the child is “ready”, he or she will figure it out on their own.


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Steps we followed (beginning of training)


  1. Take diaper off and put her on potty (we love this IKEA one; light and small).
  2. Ask her to pee while running water in the sink (truly helps!) Sing songs, read books.
  3. Put clean diaper/pull ups on.
  4. If she peed, I rewarded with a chocolate chip.
Throughout the day:
  1. Physically put her on the potty every hour or two, depending on how much she drank.
  2. Run water, sing songs, read books.
  3. If she peed, I rewarded with chocolate chip. Put clean diaper/pull up on.
Before bed:
  1. Put on potty, run water, sing songs, read books.
  2. If she peed, I rewarded with chocolate chip.
  3. Put clean diaper on.


Steps we followed (middle of training)


All steps are same as at the beginning of train, with these tweaks.

  1. Run water each time.
  2. Eliminated the entertainment part, such as singing, reading books (this helped her understand that we were in the bathroom for business and nothing else).


Steps we followed (ending training)


All steps are same as at the beginning of training, with these tweaks.

  1. Stopped putting a diaper on her throughout the day and only put one at night.
  2. Slowly I stopped rewarding her. She honestly didn’t seem to care for anything after a while. She would quickly sit on the potty, do her business and run back into her room to continue to play, not giving it much thought.

Eventually something just clicked and a little after 2 years of age, she didn’t wear a diaper during the day at all! Yay!!! (She’s now 3.5)

potty training


Training took a good 5 months. She still wore diapers at night for a few months after being fully trained. I’m eager to find out what potty training method will do the trick for my son. I’m about to go full blown into training him, since he’ll be hitting 2 in August. Luckily, he has an older sister to take example from, which makes things a lot easier. Even already!

Good luck and let me know in the comments which method you’ve found most helpful when training YOUR little ones! 🙂


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