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How to Dress Kids Without Spending a Fortune

dressing kids

I know most moms would agree with me that keeping up with those latest trends in kids fashion is just too pricey! Trends change every year anyway and kids grow like weeds, so why spend a fortune? If you’re a budgeter like me and want to find great ways to save on kids clothing, read on to find some of the ways I’ve found to shop frugally!



Shop at Resale or Thrift Stores

I love shopping at thrift stores! Lots for Tots, Goodwill, and Savers are all great, though I personally only do shopping at Lots for Tots, mainly because it’s a baby/mommy retail store which is what I’m looking for. These stores always have a variety of different brands and styles, as well as new items with tags. You can easily find high quality brands such as Janie and Jack, Vineyard Vines and Maisonette with more than 80% off in retail price reductions (with minimal wear or tags). Sweet, what a bargain! I always snatch those items. You can’t find prices like that in any other big department stores and plus there’s always something new, so I try to make a quick run every few weeks!

Accept Any Hand-Me-Downs

Accept any hand-me-down clothes, because this kind gesture from a friend or family can save you LOTS of money. Quick wash and that’s it! Babies and toddlers (and kids in general) are messy human beings and sometimes require a few changes in one day, so having some extra clothing is always helpful.


Shop during End-Of-Season Sales

During those end-of-season sales, it is a smart idea to do a little shopping too. Grab items that are still few seasons large (or basically what they’ll wear in a year) and they’ll grow into them eventually. Keep a storage container for all of the clothes you’ve bought, but are still large and label for future use!


Shop at Yard Sales

I’m not a big yard sale enthusiast, but I know some people that have bought some awesome pieces of clothing and for only .50! Now you can’t beat that anywhere but yard sales. You can easily find items with tags too. Most people who organize yard sales are there to simply clean out their homes or get rid of items they don’t need anymore, so the prices they set are usually around the dollar mark, for clothing. My tip is to use and search yard sales. You can narrow it down to towns you’d like the yard sale to be in too. Better yet, the poster might even specify (with pictures) what items will be at the yard sale, such as baby items or maternity clothes. So cool, because you won’t need to spend time driving around searching for that nice yard sale.


Shop with Coupons, Deals and Ebates

This is a smart way to earn money as you’re spending money and my most loved cash back website is Ebates! Kohls 6% cash back, Macys 3% cash back, and Amazon up to 5% cash back just to give you an idea. There’s over 2,000 stores to choose from and using Ebates can earn you A LOT of cash back, especially if you’re an online shopper. Every few months, they’ll send you a check with your cash rewards. Easy! If you don’t have Ebates, sign up and receive 10$ bonus today! I love using it through their mobile app. Groupon, RetailMeNot and store magazines/website coupons, are also some easy ways to find awesome coupons and deals.


Store Clothing Away for Future

I love storing away clothes for future babies. I know my style might change as years go by and the sizes might not match previous babies, but there are many baby items that can still be put to good use baby after baby and year after year. This is what I do, I just place all the outgrown clothing into a large plastic storage container and label with the childs’ name and clothing sizes. When it’s full, my husband brings it over to our self storage facility. Eventually, you can easily sell the clothes by bringing them to resale stores, organizing a yard sale or selling items through sites like You can make a few bucks there too. I’ve made 90$ before by sending in a box of items I didn’t find useful! Side note; if you’re interested, check out this post about baby items I didn’t find useful. And my favorite online place to sell my stuff is Facebook Marketplace and mobile apps like Letgo and OfferUp. And don’t forget about Try them all!

dressing kids


dressing kids frugally

Remember, you don’t have to break the bank for your kids to look clean, fashionable and cute. There’s many smart ways to go around the expensive price tags and score yourself some most adorable outfits for your kids!


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