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My Favorite Household Items That Make Raising Kids a Little Easier (And Efficient!)

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I love my dear kids. They’re funny, silly and very entertaining to watch! They fill each minute of my every day with joy and purpose and I’m beyond thankful to God for them. And I know you would say the exact same thing about your little ones! But naturally, like any mother out there, we can get a bit overwhelmed and tired caring for those messy energizer bunnies.

I’m sharing with you some of my favorite household items that make my life a little easier, a bit more efficient and a lot more enjoyable! Read on and I’ll tell you which ones! Also if you’re interested, check out these posts to find out which baby items I’ve found most useful and which ones I didn’t!

P.S. I’m thankful to other mothers who have shared their personal advice with me; this is where I got the inspiration to make this a post!

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One of my favorite and most practical baby item I have! Whenever my kids get a stuffy nose, I know I can easily help their misery with a simple suck (sounds gross, I know). But seriously! If you’re still using the bulb syringe or trying to find various methods to clearing a baby’s nose, try the Nosefrida! You’ll love it. I started using one when my oldest (who’s almost 4), was just 2 months and got a stuffy nose. My friend, who was also a new mother, was kind enough to tell me about it and it has been so helpful ever since!

favorite kid items

Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender

You know how sometimes you see someone do something and you think to yourself, “why haven’t I thought of that?”. Well that’s exactly that happened with this faucet extender. I went over to one of my other friends’ house and saw one…it was almost like an eye opener. I’ve always struggled (or I should say my kids struggled) with reaching for the faucet, especially my older one. She knows how to wash her hands and brush her teeth, but the fact that she couldn’t reach the water made that skill pointless. We always had to help and assist her. So this extender is amazing! It extends the faucet perfectly that even the younger one can easily reach the water.

favorite items


We got this stool a while ago and it’s been serving us every day. Perfect height for our kids to easily reach the sink/faucet. With the stool they’re able to do anything such as brush their teeth, comb their hair, wash their hands, etc. Very useful and makes my life a little easier since I don’t have to hold them up to wash their hands and such.

favorite kid items

IKEA TRONES Shoe Storage

You didn’t think that shoe storage would make the list, right? Well let me tell you, it makes getting ready a whole lot easier. We have a set of three bins, top one for me, middle for my husband and lowest for kids. This way they can easily grab their shoes whenever we’re ready to head out the door. Even though Viktor doesn’t know how to put shoes on yet, him getting them out and ready saves time too. Also it’s large enough to fit 9 pairs of combined shoes (sizes 8 and 6). Perfect!

URBAN Junior chair

I love this chair for our daughter. It’s very easy to climb on, it’s light weight and not bulky at all; awesome for our apartment. Also this junior chair is the perfect height for our dining table and therefore, she can eat comfortably and independently. I know this chair will be used for many years. When my daughter grow out of it and moves to the big girl chair, Viktor will use it!

favorite kid items

That’s it! Short list, but can definitely make a difference in everyday life. And I’m always in search for little hacks and advice that can make raising kids a pleasure (which it is! But you get what I’m saying), so tell me some of your favorite household items that make YOUR life easier and efficient in the comments below!


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