Best Places for Printables & Learning Material For Preschoolers + Tips

teaching resources

Hey mama’s! Do you have a little one who’s getting ready to go to K4 or K5 in the fall or perhaps sometime soon? First of, you can’t believe it, right? It’s time to send them to school already?! Time is rushing by and kids grow up so fast, don’t they. But, second, you’re probably just as excited and definitely looking forward to it anyways. Like me!

My almost 4 year old daughter will begin K4 this fall (who will be homeschooled, by me, at home. Yeah, it’s a little scary for the both of us- ha ha. You can read a little more about why I chose to homeschool if you’re wondering). So this summer, in the midst of all the “summery”, fun things we do pretty much every day, I try to fit in at least half an hour into each day to do some sort of learning activity, just to keep up the “learning”. Since she’s not even 4, I keep it short, light and fun. And I’m definitely not expecting much or a whole lot of progress. But this teaches her a little discipline and routine, as well as getting used to solving problems, learning the alphabet and numbers and simply getting the hang of what school is and what it will look like in the fall.

But what I wanted to share with you were some of my favorite resources or materials we use to accomplish that. I love Amazon for learning materials and Pinterest for teaching ideas and fun, educational learning activities. These are my two go-to sites by far!

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Top Sites for Free Printables/Worksheets & Games

All of these sites offer a large selection of free printables, like subject worksheets and interactive, learning games.



They have a huge selection of Christian themed free worksheets that you can print.


2. Kindergartenworksheetsandgames

Sister site of Also many printable worksheets and fun games free for you to print.



With this site, you can sign up for basic membership and get a few downloads/prints free or sign up for premium membership, pay $6/month and get unlimited prints. Great site for teachers.





teaching resources

Where to find more learning material?


1. Amazon

Amazon offers an enormous variety and selection of reading/learning material. Here’s what I love to buy at Amazon.

-Books– Some of my favorite items to buy at Amazon are age appropriate books, of course. Pretty illustrations, durable pages and easy to read font. Both my kids love these books, “You and Me”, “Fairy Tales” and “Goodnight, God”. Those book are just so adorable!

Wipe Clean Books– Learning truly can be fun with these books, tracing, drawing, learning the letters and solving simple math problems. You can easily wipe them clean to fix mistakes or to start over. You can literally use it as many times as you want. All you need is a dry erase marker and a paper towel!

Pencils– Great selection and great prices.

Hobby Lobby

They’re THE place for arts and crafts items. Here’s what I buy at Hobby Lobby.

-Colored Pencils

-Craft Paper/Cardstock

-Coloring Books

-Anything I need for crafts! 🙂


How to find ideas for teaching?


Pinterest is so awesome in so many ways. And if I’m searching for ideas and resources, it’s my number one site. I love everyone’s suggestions and of course the printables. Using Pinterest is totally a must to keep your young childs’ education fun and intriguing!


I’m hoping this post was helpful for all mama’s prepping their kids for school! Please share with your mommy friends!


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