How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers from 0- 2.3 Million in 4 Months

Hi there! I wanted to share with you something great. It’s THE strategy to growing your Pinterest and increasing your blog audience. This strategy has helped my Pinterest account grow from 0 to 2.3 MILLION average monthly views in just 4 months and sent thousands of visitors to my blog (Pinterest is my #1 referrer, according to And it can do the same for you! It’s simple, just keep reading!

*Disclaimer: I have not invented or claim this strategy.


  1. Create a business Pinterest account or switch into a business Pinterest account if you already have an existing account. This will allow you to see your account analytics, such as monthly page viewers, monthly engaged, your best pins and all of your graphs.
  2. Invest in Tailwind. Tailwind is essentially an automatic pin scheduler that works hand in hand with Pinterest. It’s 15$/month and worth every penny (you might have heard of it already and I personally couldn’t recommend it more. It’s the reason my Pinterest grew to what it is now). Once you have signed up for Tailwind, every time you will go to Pinterest you will now see a Tailwind emblem pop up when you hover over a pin.


To begin, open up Pinterest and search a topic of your choice, interest or a Pinterest board that you may already have. For instance I have “Crafts for Toddlers” board. So in the search bar I’d type in anything I’d want to find relatable, like easy paper crafts for toddlers.

Now, I have a huge selection of pins that opened up which I can re-pin to my “Crafts for Toddlers” board. I start by choosing the pins I like, which ones look easy enough, fun, educational. I hover over the pin I want to re-pin to my board and click on the Tailwind symbol that pops up (circled in red).

A Tailwind pop up window opens up. Don’t close it, just drag it down as much as you can out of your way.

Now go back to Pinterest and do the same to all of the pins you would like to save to your board of choice. I’ve selected 16 pins to go to my “Crafts for Toddlers” board. Tthe more the better, it just means you’ll have a fuller scheduler and you won’t have to go back to do this as often.

When you have done so, go back to your Tailwind publisher. In the draft section you will see all of the pins you just selected from Pinterest by clicking the Tailwind symbol. By selecting pins from one topic or choosing one board you’d like all of them to go to you’re saving yourself a lot of time since you don’t have to individually pin them to their individual boards. You can vast save/re-pin them!

Next, in the Add Board to All, I’d find my Pinterest “Crafts for Toddlers” board either by typing it or scrolling down to find it (circled in red).

Select the board and click Schedule All Drafts towards the bottom of the page (circled in red).

Now all of those 16 drafts went into my schedules’ empty time slots to the right.

Once you have done the steps above, repeat the process using a different board you may have. Save as many pins as you’d like in to that board. You will then be filling up your schedule. I recommend using their suggested times for you and 30-40 time slots per day.

TIP- Create two Pinterest Graphics for each blog post instead of one, using different background pictures and rewording. Don’t be sneaky, stay true to your post and don’t mislead with pictures and titles.

Also, DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR OWN PINS! I recommend every month or two, save 3-4 of your own blog pins.

If you have a “Featured on the Blog” Pinterest board with all of your blog pins, you can easily do the same with your own pins. Select pins you’d want to pin again and hover over to click on the Tailwind symbol. In Tailwind drafts, select the board you want them to go to and schedule. That’s essentially the same thing you have done above.

Shuffle all of your queue/pins so they are at random (circled in red).


You can fill up your schedule as far as 2 months or just a week. I usually do this process every week, though my goal is to to this less often.

You’ll see this strategy work like magic, while saving you time!

Please share with your blogger friends! 🙂


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