simple and easy paper flower wreath craft

Paper Flower Wreath Craft

I made this simple paper leaf and flower wreath as part of my spring home decor and I love the way it came out. It’s very easy, unique and only cost me 4$. So let’s hop on in and get straight to it!   You’ll need: Floral print card-stock Print card-stock Solid color card-stock 12” Embroidery hoop Scissors Hot glue…

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Easter Egg 5 Senses Activity

This is a fun and entertaining Easter activity to do with your kids to learn about their nervous system. Even though this has nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter, I’ve still incorporated the beloved Easter eggs just for the matter of season. Each egg has something inside that can be smelled, tasted, touched, looked at and heard…

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Apartment Living

10 Ways to Optimize Your Apartment

If you’re living in an apartment you might have already stumbled upon a common problem, the lack of storage space or space precisely. And as your family grows, you may feel like your household items are slowly creeping in, filling in each corner of the house and taking over. Most apartments don’t have a sizable entry way, a kitchen pantry…

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“What grows faster?” Experiment

Did you know you can regrow fruits and veggies from scraps right at home? I bet you have, because it’s a trending topic and a lot of people are trying it! I have done this with avocado and pineapple about 4 years ago. It’s pretty much the same concept for all fruits and veggies and you just need some water,…

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Birdie + Bird Cage Craft

Adorable and simple paper bird cage craft with a birdie inside! Perfect for springtime, plus it’s easy enough to do with kids. My 3 year old daughter really enjoyed making this. I have found it helpful to prep all of the “parts and pieces” you’ll need ahead of time, that way she doesn’t have to wait for me to cut…

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Apartment Living, Organization

Organizing Under the Sink

Let’s talk about kitchens! We live in an apartment and have a pretty small galley kitchen with one entrance point. Now let me you, this sort of kitchen is something to get used to. Honestly, before we moved from our old apartment last September, my husband and I have never cooked in this type of kitchen. In our previous apartment…

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IKEA GRUSBLAD Toddler Comforter Hack

Have you ever struggled finding the perfect comforter for your toddlers’ bed? Well, I’m sharing my little hack I did with an IKEA comforter. If you know a little bit about sewing and honestly you don’t need much knowledge, this simple project is easy to do! Check out my other IKEA hack using the children’s table! Also if you like…

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Mango Berry Smoothi

Mango Berry Smoothie Recipe

This mango berry smoothie has just 5 ingredients. Super easy! It has a delicious tropical sweet-tart flavor and a pretty color your kids will love. I’ve made this with Trader Joe’s frozen fruit because I find they have a great selection, reasonable prices and the quality is awesome. I added honey for sweetness, which is great because honey is super…

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