My Top 5 Pumping Essentials I Used Everyday

  Today I’m sharing my top 5 pumping essentials with you, to make your “pumping” journey successful AND enjoyable. After just two babies, I came to a clear conclusion that every child is sooo different from one another. Every child is unique; therefore every breastfeeding experience is unique. I’ve tried breastfeeding my oldest from the day she was born, but…

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Kid Stuff

8 Safe Soaps for Babies + Toddlers

When it comes to soap for my kids’ bodies, I always try to choose the best stuff out there. I wasn’t always so conscientious about reading the product labels and checking the ingredients prior to kids, but now that’s the first thing I do. I really don’t want any chemicals or harsh ingredients to come in contact with their skin,…

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Motherhood, Parenting tips

3 Favorite Christian Parenting Books

I love discovering new books that help me understand my childs’ brain and how I, as a parent, can facilitate development, learning and most importantly convey the importance of our families’ values into their lives. I enjoy reading practical and educational material, especially books that are easy to read and don’t have complicated terminology. Raising and disciplining children can be…

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