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Transitioning Out of a Swaddle

My babies back when they were babies! What is swaddling? Swaddling is a common technique used to help a baby feel secure and calm by tightly wrapping the baby in a swaddling blanket. Babies are born with a natural reflex called Moro Reflex, also known as the startle reflex. This reflex occurs primarily when the baby is sleeping and startles…

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Why I’m Choosing to Homeschool My Children (even with the best school district in the state)

Choosing to home school is a BIG RESPONSIBILITY. You’re the sole instructor, mentor and educator. And you’re still a parent. You’re accountable for being organized and capable of teaching. You need to hold success in the palms of your hands, the success your child will one day have. I’m basically telling this to myself every day as a reminder, because…

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Parenting tips

Instilling Good, Lifelong Habits in Small Children 

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.  I think one of the most important aspects of childrearing is to teach your kids good, daily habits…habits and routines, to be exact! A routine, and this is how I would describe it, is essentially a period of time in a day where one performs daily tasks (most often in form of habits), as one…

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fluoride-free childrens toothpaste
Baby & Kids

Favorite Fluoride-free Toothpastes for Children

Oh the tedious task of brushing your child’s teeth…. Keeping your kids pearly whites clean and healthy isn’t easy and the younger they are the harder! Luckily, my three year old knows how to brush her teeth on her own now, with some help at the end of course. And one thing that helps the whole process is using an…

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activity for toddlers
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Popsicle Stick Puzzles- Numbers

These Popsicle Stick Puzzles are super easy to make, inexpensive and will make learning so much fun! All you need is a couple of art supplies and that’s it! Kids as young as 3 can enjoy this activity. Key is to use different colors for each number, this way the child can easily identify the three sticks that go together…

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kids activities for road trip

Toddler Activities for a 21+ Hour Long Road Trip

  If you’ve read my previous post, I’ve shared with you some of the snacks I took with us for our long road trip down to Florida from New Hampshire. But of course only snacks won’t cut it, right? Little kid’s need a lot more than just snacks to keep them content for a long road trip, such as ours,…

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