snacks for a road trip

Packing Kids’ Snacks for a 21+ Hour Long Road Trip

  As I continue to share about our recent travels, I want to share with you how I kept my two little active kids BUSY for 21+ hours straight! Traveling can be super exhausting for kids, probably more exhausting than for adults. Kids are strapped (usually with a 5-point harness), limiting their movement and “freedom”. Their little bums get achy…

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packing suitcase

How to Pack for Three into One Carry-on Sized Bag

Are you trying to pack lightly for your flight or limited on space in your car during a road trip? I’m sharing with you how I fit my clothes along with TWO of my kids’ clothes into one standard carry-on sized bag! We drove from Bedford, NH to Panama City Beach, FL, approximately 1,446 miles and a 21.5 hour drive.…

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kids bedoom rug
Baby & Kids

Why I Chose a Wool Rug for My Kids’ Bedroom

Ever since we moved to our current apartment in September I have always wanted to redecorate, rearrange and ultimately declutter my kids’ bedroom. One thing my husband has been working on for the past few months is their toddler-sized bunk bed. I’m sooooo excited! He finally built it, painted it and brought it home. YYYESSS! It looks lovely and I…

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mosaic art
Crafts, Homeschooling

Mosaic Art Toddler Craft using Old Scrap Paper

This is an easy craft little ones can enjoy and takes no time for the parent to prepare. It’s also a wonderful way to use up those old, random pieces of scrap paper that you may have from previous crafts and activities. What I love about this craft is that it’s awesome for their development. Kids can have fun creating their…

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recipe for meatballs and gravy

Beef and Chicken Meatballs in Gravy Recipe (GF + kids favorite!)

  These meatballs are amazingly flavorful, tender and juicy, perfectly smothered in yummy gravy! This recipe uses coconut oil for sautéing, hence adding a generous amount of healthy saturated fats into the meatballs. Gravy is made with delicious chicken broth: I use homemade chicken broth, but store-bought broth, such as the Pacific brand, is also great! Chicken broth is super…

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Safe household products
Apartment Living

Favorite Natural Cleaning Products I use Everyday

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t simply mean eating organic and being fit. Though diet and exercise are definitely two important parts to a healthy lifestyle, being attentive and careful about your choice of products you use on a regular basis is just as important. Our bodies are like sponges! Our skin absorbs whatever you put on it. Cosmetics, soaps, lotions…

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most used baby items
Baby & Kids, Motherhood

My 12 Most Used Baby Items

Those pre-baby days can be so exhausting and stressful. While creating a tiny human you’re faced with so many decisions, unknowns and preparations. You’re probably getting that dream nursery all set up early on and then tweaking it here and there every single day just to get it right how you imagined it. You’re probably swiping that cute little dress…

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Raspberry Kefir Bowl Recipe

This kefir bowl with granola and raspberries is super easy to make, tasty and healthy! It’s my kids’ go-to snack or I should call…dessert! Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk drink full of probiotics and is super beneficial for their little tummies, aiding in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut. Raspberries or berries in general, are a great source of…

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