best plants for home
Apartment Living

6 Best Plants for Your Apartment

Plants, plants plants…. How I love them!   I’m no “plant” expert by any means, but I’ve done enough research to persuade myself that plants should be in every house and not just one plant. And so I went ahead and bought myself some 14 plants… Alright, maybe not all at the same time.   Did you know plants are…

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egg scramble with sausage and spinach

Sausage and Spinach Egg Scramble Recipe (+flaxmeal)

Would you like a super easy and delicious breakfast idea that you AND your kids will enjoy? Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but it’s usually rushed and the kid’s get up like hungry little monsters. If your kids are like mine and want to eat RIGHT AWAY, this recipe is for you, because it’s quick to put…

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Apartment Living

Organizing My Kids Closet

A few days ago I shared how I found a solution to keep my kids’ toys organized. So today I thought I’d share their closet and how I managed to fit both of their clothes in it, since they share a room. My kid’s have been sharing a bedroom ever since my son turned one, so that’s about six months. And…

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8 Awesome Winter Dates the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Being at home with my children all day long gives me plenty of time to learn with them, play with them and run errands with them. However, in the midst of every day chores and activities, value of our interactions and connections gets a bit diminished, unfortunately. Sometimes you simply get overwhelmed with the days tasks and goals and as…

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Simple IKEA LATT Children’s Table Hack

Last year, we got our children the LÄTT children’s’ table from IKEA. And for 20$ you can’t beat the price! Like many products in IKEA, these pieces of furniture are made to be easily “DIY-ed” to match your style and décor. I personally didn’t want to make too many changes to it, because I liked the simplicity of the table…

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Motherhood, Parenting tips

3 Favorite Christian Parenting Books

I love discovering new books that help me understand my childs’ brain and how I, as a parent, can facilitate development, learning and most importantly convey the importance of our families’ values into their lives. I enjoy reading practical and educational material, especially books that are easy to read and don’t have complicated terminology. Raising and disciplining children can be…

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organizing kids toys

Organizing Kids Toys

  Are you living in an apartment or a small house with limited space? Do you find yourself always trying to get creative with storage and organization, especially with all those children’s toys? (Check out my post about their closet too!) After recently moving to a newly built apartment, I’ve been trying to get my kids’ toys organized, easily accessible…

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